Team Information

Cycling teams of all shapes and sizes are welcomed at the Sonoma County Backroad Challenge. Teams can consist of 6 or more friends, co-workers, neighbors, families, fellow students, roommates, cycling clubs, health club members, service club members, or any group of riders united for any reason, or for no reason. 

Registering a Team

The Active.Com website will be registering all our riders this year. Check in with them to form your team and save 10%.

Team Leader Cheat Sheet

If you are forming a team of riders for the 2016 SCBC, Petaluma Sunrise Rotary sincerely appreciates your initiative and leadership, and we take seriously our responsibility to provide a fun and successful day for you and your team.  If you're still thinking about whether to form a team, just know that group activities like the Backroad Challenge strengthen bonds between colleagues and friends. It’s a great way for people to relieve stress in their busy lives, and makes them feel good about supporting the community. And let’s face it, many of us need incentives to get outside and get fit. You will be giving your team all of that, and they will appreciate it! The following "cheat sheet" is intended to help you build, organize and motivate your team for this event.

Team recruiting suggestions

  • Commit to the ride and familiarize yourself with the registration process by registering on this website. Be sure to enter your team's name.
  • Set a goal for the number of riders you would like to have on your team, and make a list of potential team members.
  • Invite each of them to join you on the ride.
  • Decide if you'll register all members, or ask them to register individually. Remind them to enter your team name and password (if you created one).
  • Expand your team by asking your members to recruit at least one co-worker, friend or family member.
  • Schedule a recruiting party (happy hour, company conference room or other informal meeting place).  Communicate to everyone how important the Backroad Challenge is to you. If they see you excited, they’ll get excited. 
  • Publicize your team by displaying a Backroad Challenge poster (with your contact information) at your office, club, school, business, hang-out, etc. 
  • Email everyone on your contact list (or connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) asking them to join you on the ride. Even if they don’t ride, they will appreciate being asked. Maybe they’ll be motivated to start riding and join you next year!
  • After your preliminary team is established, continue to invite people to join you. Bring up Backroad Challenge in everyday conversations. You never know who rides!
  • If someone isn’t a rider but wants be involved, they can make a donation or they can just show up for Backroad Fest.

Getting company or club support

  • Riding in the Backroad Challenge is a great way for companies to encourage team building and fitness. Ask the chief executive of your company or group to send an email announcing that he or she is participating (or endorses your team) and encouraging others to join.
  • Announce the ride in your organization’s newsletter. List all participants and include your contact info.
  • If the entry fee is prohibitive for some, ask your company to provide financial help, i.e. split the entry fee, pay for team shirts, etc. It’s a great way to reward employees and encourage participation. Another way your company can encourage participation is to make a matching, tax deductible donation to the Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Foundation.
  • Display the Backroad Challenge ride poster in your company cafeteria, coffee stations, gym, bulletin boards, and other high-traffic areas. Write your name and number on the posters in case people have questions, and include a team roster and sign up list if appropriate.  
  • Contact us about having your company sponsor Backroad Challenge.

Build momentum for the ride

Once your team is formed, the next step is preparing for the ride. Ideas to enhance your team's experience:

  • Organize weekly training rides to help team members get in shape for ride day.
  • Continue to promote the event and expand your team.
  • Come up with a team jersey. Feel free to create a fun way to identify your team --- costumes, team t-shirts, shaved heads, … you get the idea.
  • Need local accommodations? See the Resources page for links to hotels and campgrounds.
  • Make a weekend of it! There are many things going on in Petaluma and Sonoma County that weekend. See Resources.

Week prior to the event

  • Remind the team what to bring.
  • Remind them to wear team apparel, if applicable.
  • Check this website for the latest event information
  • Coordinate transportation to the event.
  • Remind team members to eat breakfast before the ride, although we will have light breakfast foods at check in.

Day of the event

  • Greet team members; make sure all have checked in.
  • Make sure everyone is ready to ride – air in tires, route maps, full water bottles, helmets, use the rest room before the ride, etc.


  • Celebrate at the Festival at Penngrove Park
  • Congratulate your team on a job well done.
  • Express gratitude to your team and reap the benefits of a reinvigorated workforce or club for months to come!
  • This is the 5th annual SCBC ride, and while our army of volunteers is dedicated to producing a wonderful event for your team, there’s sure to be room for improvement. We welcome your suggestions after the event and will be sending you a survey for that purpose.


Don’t hesitate to contact Bob Whitlock our 2016 Backroad Challenge team coordinator.

We look forward to having you with us on Saturday, May 22, 2016

Online registration is now closed. 

We will have on site registration available the morning of the ride.

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