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All courses begin at Penngrove Park where you’ll find check in, maps,  light breakfast food (coffee, yogurt, granola, pastries, and the like), some goodies for the road (bars, etc.) and hydration for your bottles.  No swag, t-shirt, beer glass or anything else to carry for now.  We’ll save that for the Festival. You’ll be good to go.

Note: The climb figures below were generated on Map My Ride


Far and away, this is our most challenging ride.  It is designed for very serious riders who are in great physical condition and experienced with significant elevation changes.  If you are up for the Challenge, then this one is for you. It’ll be a long day in the saddle but you’ll be rewarded with some of the best scenic country that we have to offer in Sonoma County.  Rolling hills, pasture lands, vineyards, coast line, redwood groves, and challenging climbs await you. We’ve changed to Century this year to include a long haul down Highway 1 to Pt. Reyes Station and Olema. You won’t climb the Marshall Wall, but after Burnside Road, Franklin School Road, The Olema Hill on Sir Francis Drake Blvd, and Wilson Hill you make thank us for taking THE WALL out of this very challenging century.
Registration Fee: $99.00

View Century Ride Map » Link to GPX file



This course heads to the 1st Rest Stop along with the other 2 rides. From there Metric Century riders proceed to the Hwy 1 turn onto the Shoreline Highway to pick up the full Century Ride in Tomales. At the request of many Metric Century Riders, we’ve eliminated the Franklin School Road Climb from this ride. You will, however, get the same coastal views, the challenge of the Marshall Wall and the pleasant rolling hill country riding – but you’ll miss out on additional serious hill climbing. This is an intermediate ride that will be perfect for experienced riders without the extreme endurance challenges of the Century Ride. New riders in good physical condition can certainly consider the Metric Century – just be prepared for a great workout.
Registration Fee: $89.00

View Metric Century Map » Link to GPX file



This course is a little longer than the Half Metric with rolling hills. You won’t get too far out of town on this course but you’ll enjoy scenic views of the pasture lands and it’s a great training ride to tackle the full Metric next year! This ride is for more experienced riders that are looking for a challenge but don’t want to climb the Marshall Wall.
Registration Fee: $79.00

View Training Ride Map » Link to GPX file



This course is mostly flat and we’ve tried to provide the nicest roads possible.  You won’t get too far out of town on this course but you’ll enjoy scenic views of the pasture lands and rolling hills that surround Petaluma.  This ride is short, quick, and fun – we’ve designed it for beginning riders or for more experienced riders that for whatever reason want to have a less grueling ride.  Registration Fee: $79.00

View Half Metric Map » Link to GPX file


The back roads of Sonoma County can be rough, bumpy, pot hole-ridden, and narrow – we’ve done our best to utilize the best roads available.  You may be required to ride single file in some places.  Please abide by local traffic laws, stop at stop signs/signals, be aware of cars, share the road, and put your safety and the safety of your fellow riders as your highest priority – as it is ours – and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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